Can I Dehydrate That?

I have rediscovered my Dehydrator. Way back in 2000 hubby and I purchased an Ezidri Snackmaker at the Home Show. We had great plans of growing things and dehydrating them and then life happened and like so many appliances it was consigned to the cupboard and brought out about once a year for a bit of a play.

Fast forward to 2017 and kids are self sufficient, we are even more interested in growing our own produce and converting it to a useful form for storage and the dehydrator still works! Even better than “still works”, the company still exists and I can still buy replacement parts and extra trays.  You can check out their website here – Ezidri Snackmaker. They have those apple slinky machines too! On the subject of buying quality appliances/cookware and the company lasting longer than the warranty I’d like to also give a shout out to Saladmaster.  I purchased a set of their saucepans in 1989 and late last year they replaced some handles for me under warranty!! But I digress.

These days the dehydrator now lives on an open shelf near the kitchen for easier access and has had more use in the last month than it has had for the past ten years. I joined a couple of Facebook Dehydrating groups and have had heaps of inspiration and tips. The Facebook groups also led me to  this site 21st Century Simple Living which has great recipes, tips, ideas and videos on all things dehydrated and some that aren’t. (It is an American site so you have to convert the temperatures to C.)

Over the past couple of months I have dehydrated Rosellas, Oranges, Lemon and Lime rind, Mushrooms, Zoodles (zucchini noodles), Apples and Bananas. My next dehydrating adventure is going to involve Vanilla Beans so I can make my own Vanilla Powder and some red Capsicum so I can make Red Bell Pepper Flakes for pizzas.

Dehydrated Goods

Do you have a dehydrator? What have you dried in it?




Citrus Trees and Possum Wars

Citrus do very well in Brisbane and we have several trees in our garden including a Fruit Salad Tree (one tree with a graft each of Lemon, Orange and Pomello), two Navel Oranges, a Patio Lime and a Tahitian Lime. For our tips on growing, harvesting and storing citrus check out our Citrus Tips & Ideas Sheet. The Tips & Ideas Sheet also contains suggestions for ways to use your beautiful homegrown produce like my recipe for Lemon Pepper Chicken and my grandmother’s Orange Cake recipe.

Normally at this time we would be drowning in citrus but the local possum population has been on the increase and because the 2IC was tardy about getting the trees netted they managed to eat most of the blossoms at the crucial time #sadface. The delightful little critters have also been doing quality control on the fruit that did make it through the blossom harvest and we have had quite a few hollowed out oranges left on the tree. War has been declared and hubby is currently building a citrus enclosure. I suspect the possums will manage to get in but wont be able to get out! They will be fine though as there will be plenty to eat!!

Potential possum enclosure

Update from our neighbour Pete, the possum may have met it’s match! WARNING and SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU HAVE A MORBID FEAR OF SNAKES!!! Thanks for the video Pete.

Rumour has it that Pete has not used his bar and BBQ area since …..