Honey Honey

Sometimes it is just not possible to get it all from your own garden so trying to source a natural, raw product at a fair price is the next best thing. There has been a lot of talk about the purity of commercial honey and in particular of using imported honeys to blend with Australian honey so we have chosen to source honey from a local Beekeeper. Apart from supporting a local business, Commercial honey has been heat treated (to stop crystalization) and the heat destroys most of the nutrient content of the honey. Raw honey is full of antioxidants and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Raw honey does carry a risk factor as it can carry harmful bacteria like Botulism and because of this babies (under 1 year old) should never be fed raw honey.

Hubby’s Honey at Brighton (Brisbane) has been our go to for some beautiful honey, the latest batch being a bit darker because the bees have been visiting the Tea Trees in the area.

You can check out the HONEY MAP to find a Beekeeper near you.

The other great product you can purchase from Beekeepers is beeswax which can be used for candles, home made cosmetics and Beeswax Wraps which are used as an alternative to plastic wrap. You can check out my Lip Balm recipe if you are interested in making your own cosmetics.

I’ve had a go at making my own beeswax wraps following the step by step instructions from The Inspired Little Pot. I found this method very easy with the only real pressure point being to get an even covering of wax on your fabric. The video below was posted in a cooking group I am a member of and demonstrates very clearly the ironing method as well as the oven method for making these wraps. If you have bought a block of wax to use grating it is the best way to break it up for melting but have a grater that is only used for this purpose as cleaning it can be time consuming!

Have you tried raw honey? Have you made anything with beeswax?